What do you need to do to lose weight?

What do you need to do to lose weight?

What do you need to do to lose weight_

It’s the beginning of a new you.

You’ve decided that you’re going to make some changes. You WANT to get healthy.

If you’re like me, you probably start out strong when you create a goal.

You know the basics.

Eat right. Exercise. Reduce stress. Drink water.

These are some of the things that you KNOW will help you lose weight.

I’m sure your parents always told you that you needed to eat your vegetables.

Here’s the thing though.

About three months from now, you will probably have put this aside until next year.

Maybe your goal was so big that you didn’t see results fast enough. You felt like you aren’t making any progress.

Other things will seem more important than trying to lose those extra pounds that seem like they won’t budge.

You hop from one diet to another.

You’re looking for the miracle that will change things for you fast and easy.

You WANT something that works.

So what can you do to make sure that you see results from your efforts?

You need to work on being more consistent with that changes that you make.

If you do them one day, and then throw them out the rest of the week…you know what happens.

People are creatures of habit.

You have foods you love, things you like to do, and places that you love to go.

Trying to change everything to meet a big weight loss goal is very difficult.

Instead, try creating small changes.

Little things that you can add to your routine.

Over time, these little things will add up to big results.

I went live on my Facebook page and talked about this, click here to watch the replay.

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One simple change each day can help you see better results in your health.

You have to hold yourself accountable.

Get a friend to do it with you, or use a journal.

Celebrate the small wins.

Those small wins will lead to bigger wins.

Pretty soon you will see the results that you are looking for.

Also remember to be kind to yourself.

You can be your biggest critic.

I know I am!

See you soon.


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