About me

My name is Brooke Oakes. I am a health consultant and social marketer on a farm in southern Tennessee. I volunteer my time, and farm, to foster and rehabilitate rescue horses. My love and passion has always been for animals of all shapes and sizes, and I have a Bachelors of Technology in Animal Science, specializing in nutrition and behavior. I also have a Masters degree in Science.

In 2017 my health went haywire. I was in and out of hospitals and doctors offices. It started with the worst case of poison oak that the ER had ever seen. From there it became a domino effect of bruises and rashes on my skin, my left arm turned purple, and then the lymphnodes became so swollen in my neck that at one point I couldn’t eat solid food. My body ached and my joints hurt so much that I couldn’t move. No one was really sure what was going on. I came back with diagnosis’s including lyme disease, epstein barr virus, chronic strep, coxsackie virus and about 5 other viruses.

For over seven months I was on antibiotic pills and injections, steroids, and all these different medicines that doctors kept giving me to try to give me some relief. Nothing was working, and at one point I couldn’t even get off the couch. I ended up going out of state and reaching out to holistic health care facilities. This was my turning point.

I learned how clean living and supplements could heal me from the inside out. That’s how I found these amazing products.

I began gaining my strength back. I could eat solid food again. I was able to get back to enjoying my life again. The doctors ran some more tests and saw that the lymphnodes were going back to normal size, my blood work was going back to normal.

The foods you eat, the cleaners that you use, everything in your life has the ability to affect your health. Your immune system and body have specific requirements to function properly.

Everything from being overweight to allergies, or even autoimmune problems like I was having, can be from the toxins in your food and environment.

I am not a health professional, but I want to share my journey with you. My intent with this blog is to share information with you to improve your life. I will show you how you can make your life toxin free. I will show you what you can do to work towards your weight loss goals. I will even show you how you can help your dogs and horses!

Through healthier living you will have more energy and be able to enjoy life more!

Please feel free to email me at [email protected]