Are you struggling with an autoimmune condition?

Are you struggling with an autoimmune condition?

You are not alone.

There are many people who lead very productive lives, even though they fight a constant battle every day with their health.

When I was first diagnosed with Lyme Disease I traveled around to eight different doctors and they all had prescription medication that they wanted me to take.

A majority of them included antibiotics, steroids, tons of Tylenol for the pain and various medicines for my stomach.

Things may work for a few days, but then I would go downhill again.

Can you relate?

I lived on the couch.

Everything made me tired.

Everything hurt so bad that I didn’t want to move.

The hardest thing about it all though, was how alone I felt.

I felt that no one understood what I was going though.

I sometimes even felt that no one cared about what I was going through.

Now that I am on the path to healing, I want to be able to help other people who are struggling with autoimmune conditions as well.

Having people to talk with who want to bring you up and allow you to share freely is just as important as all the medicines and things that you take for your body.

You need to support your mental health.

There will be days where you just need a shoulder to lean on, or someone who understands.

So I created a community called Autoimmune Warriors.

It’s a space where you can share your story, learn about things that are helping others with autoimmune conditions, and lean on others when you need support.

I want it to be a positive space where you can learn more about yourself and discover the strength inside you.

If you or someone you know has an autoimmune condition, and you want to surround yourself with some positive and inspiring people, come visit and see what Autoimmune Warriors is all about.

How to be consistent in your workout routine


Summer is on it’s way…

This is the time of year that you are thinking about where you want to vacation, what you want to do on your vacation, and what you plan on wearing….For many it means bathing suits!

So now you start looking at what your eating and what your doing to get some exercise in.

You can pick an exercise routine that you want…

but if you are not being consistent, you will not see results!

Make sense?


What can you do?

Here are some tips to help you be more consistent with your routine.

1- Get a buddy! Having someone to workout with can make all the difference. They can help motivate you and keep you going. This is why many people love hiring a personal trainer.

In general, just having someone to do it with you can help you stay motivated.

If you have pets, they can also be helpful to help get you out the door. Animals need exercise as much as we do. If you are tired of your dog barking all the time, chewing up the house when you are at work, or peeing on everything….many times you can stop behavioral problems with a consistent exercise routine.

Find a place where you can take them for a walk, jog, or hike.

I have a belgian malinois mix and a fox terrier mix. Both are very high energy. Taking them out for exercise everyday keeps them happy and healthy without stressing me out.

2- Look at the schedule that you have now. Where can you block out time just for exercise? It tends to be easier to get into a consistent habit when you plan ahead.

This is time just for you.

Make it something that you can look forward to.

3- Create a playlist that you enjoy.

For some people their playlist is hardcore and gets their heart pounding just listening to it.

For some people they something softer that helps them relax and focus.

Personally, I love to listen to books and podcasts. Many of the audios I listen to are motivational speakers or inspiring topics that help me get clear and focused on a topic, so that I don’t focus on problems or things that happened during the day or the week. Basically it’s like meditation for me.

4- Reward yourself after your work out! ALWAYS reward yourself, especially when you are working on creating a new routine.

This does not mean to eat an ice cream sundae or the biggest burger at McDonalds’…

It means do give yourself something that you enjoy so you want to continue doing the routine.

Is there a protein shake that you love? You can refuel your body and help it recover.

Is there a good book that you want to relax and read? More time for yourself without the demands from the outside world!

Was there movie or show that you have wanted to see on Netflix? Now you can sit and unwind!

Creating a consistent routine is not about beating yourself up because you missed an opportunity to workout.

Creating a consistent routine is about finding something that you love and making it a habit that you do once or twice a week.

Start small and build up from there.

You have enough demands in your life….

Don’t be your own worst enemy when it comes to taking care of yourself.

After my workout or exercise, I usually make a cup of fizz tea, and read a little.

The fizz tea is great because I can make it warm or cold, it has vitamins and minerals that help my body recover and it doesn’t have all the sugar that many sports and energy drinks have.

They come in a couple different flavors. You can get more info about my favorite citrus fizz here.

Summer is on it’s way!

It’s time to get ready.

How to create an effective workout routine

If you are serious about your health, you need to develop a workout plan that you are going to stick with.

There are five steps that you can take to make your plan more effective.

You can find so many random plans…

But you need to find the plan that works for you and your schedule.

Many people hire personal trainers to help them figure out what will work, but you can create one on your own as well.

1. Figure out your goal

What do you want to accomplish from your workouts? If you want to meet a specific weight loss goal, or just tone up, you will have different things that you need to do. If you know what you want your result to be, you can then create action steps that help you be successful.

2. Days, times, and duration

When do you have time to exercise? Only you know what your schedule looks like. You want to create a plan that fits in your schedule. You also want to create a plan that allows you to be consistent. Pencil your workouts into your schedule, and you will be more likely to actually follow though.

3. Location and equipment

Where and how do you want to work out? I am someone who loves to incorporate my exercise into my lifestyle. I take my dogs for walks or hikes. I ride the horses. But, on rainy days I have a treadmill and stair stepper.

What equipment would you enjoy using? You may be someone who would prefer to workout from home. You may be someone who would prefer to workout at the gym. Figure out what you would enjoy doing, and where you will also enjoy doing it more.

4. Create exercises

Switching up the things you do can be fun. Some days I will hop on the stair stepper….but some days I will do yoga. You don’t want to pick one specific thing to do. You can become bored with the same thing everyday.

Pick 3-4 things that you like to do. Switch up when you do them and how long you do them for. You could do two on one day, and then two on another day. You want to make if fun and enjoyable! Add sets, rest and then pick something else to do.

5. Stick to the plan!

Consistency is what matters. If you find that you are struggling, try changing what you are doing. It may take a couple tries before you find what you enjoy doing.

Once you have a plan that works, you will see the results start to happen!



It’s allergy season again… Learn how you can fight allergies naturally.

The warmer months are my favorite.

I say it all the time.

I’m solar powered.

I need the sunshine to function physically and mentally.

But I know so many people that struggle with allergies when the weather starts to turn nice.

When I first was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, I suffered from allergies for the first time in my life.

If you know anything about this illness, it makes you body react to everything.

I had never in my life had allergies like this before.

I even became allergic to the antibiotics that were being used to treat me.

This is why I have moved into the holistic and nutrition based route to improving my health.

I am not on ANY prescription medications any more.

You can learn more about  has helped me HERE.

There are several foods and supplements that can help build your immune system and help your body fight off seasonal allergies.

Pineapple is one of my favorite foods and it’s great to help your body protect itself.

It contains and enzyme that is anti-inflammatory. It can help reduce swelling in the nasal cavity.

Some of my favorite ways to eat it include fresh with some yogurt, grilled or even in a fruit salad.

Turmeric is a supplement that has tons of benefits.

This also contains a compound that is anti-inflammatory.

It has some other great benefits including inhibiting the release of histamine (just like an allergy medicine does), and can increase nasal air flow (making it easier to breathe).

I have a couple different supplements that I use with this herb in it.

Local honey is another powerhouse that helps your body.

The idea behind this is that you need to find local honey at the beginning of allergy season.

They say that eating honey everyday will help your body develop fight the allergens.

Like the others, honey is also another great anti-inflammatory.

You can drink your honey in warm water in the morning. Eat a spoonful by itself, or even drizzle some on your favorite yogurt.

Give these a try and see what you think!

For more tips and ideas to help you on your health journey, I have a newsletter and starter kit just for you. Get it here.

Taking care of your health now means that you can do the things you love in the future.

When I was in college, I worked three jobs and took the max amount of credits allowed at the time (21 credits).

I was always going non stop.

Sometimes I would go two and three days without sleeping.

Now that I am about to turn 32…

I am starting to feel the weight of the activities that I do.

It’s harder for me to go a couple days without sleep.

Sometimes I am just so exhausted that I go to bed as soon as I bring the horses in for the night.

But I love all the things that I do.

I don’t want to stop doing any of it.

Can you relate?

When I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, I began to understand why I felt that everyday was such a struggle.

That’s when I started learning about how clean eating could help me.

I started traveling out of state to see a holistic practitioner in Georgia.

They ran some tests and explained how a poor diet could be making my health even worse because my body couldn’t fight back when it was fueled by junk.

I began doing a ton of research.

I found this community of people who were going through the same struggles as me.

They struggled with energy.

They struggled with weightloss.

They struggled with joint pain.

They struggled with skin problems.

Since beginning my clean eating journey, my health has become so much better.

I invite you to come learn more with me about what clean eating can do for you.

Check out this video and see what you think.

You don’t have to make drastic changes.

But small changes everyday can help you create bigger success than if you were doing nothing.

If you want to learn more about the 30 day challenge, I have a whole page in this blog with information. You can take a look HERE.

I challenge you to pick on thing that you can change about your diet.

Maybe you could cut out soda.

Maybe you could cut out sugar.

Maybe you could drink more water.

See what this small change can do for you over the course of 30 or more days.

You may be surprised!


I have a free newsletter where I share tips and things to help you with your health goals.

You can check it out HERE.

Why you need to be clear on what you want to achieve

When you work on you health goals…

Whether you are trying to fit in those skinny jeans, or get those abs that you always wanted…

Have you noticed it’s hard to stay motivated for a long time?

When the goals you have require a drastic change, it’s harder to stick with them.

There are smaller results that you notice more quickly like getting more energy or less joint pain.

It’s important to gain focus and clarity on what you are working towards and acknowledge that there are smaller results that will prove you are on the path to success.

It’s so easy to let the excuses get in the way.

It’s so easy to go back into the routines that you are used to.

But by being focused and getting clear on what you want to achieve, you can keep the negative thoughts at bay.

The more clear you are about the milestones that you are working on to get to your goal, the more you can motivate yourself.

Celebrating those small wins can make all the difference in you working harder or giving up on yourself.

Choose to keep going.

Choose to work on becoming a better version of yourself.

You can do it.

You just need to be focused.


Focus and clarity

How to stay motivated in your exercise routine.

I think that many people struggle withe exercise because they do not have a routine that they enjoy.

If your exercise feels more like work, it’s time to figure out some activities that you enjoy doing and can do several times a week.

Personally I am not someone who uses a gym…

I do have some equipment at my house including a stair stepper and a treadmill.

These get used on rainy days or when I work late.

I prefer to be in the sunlight and get some fresh air.

I love taking the dogs hiking or even just for a walk.

I love riding the horses.

Barn chores are definitely an exercise on their own. I usually throw on an audio book or a podcast and just clean away.

Yoga is another of my favorites!

What are some things that you enjoy doing?

There are so many things out there that you can do!

Swimming, yoga, walking, running, bicycling, rollerskating, ice skating…or maybe you are someone who is better with a gym or gym equipment.

You can even get some inexpensive gym equipment that fits in your home. Check out some of the different sporting goods stores or even online.

Find something that you can enjoy, and you will find time to do it.

How to make green juice: easy tips and recipes

How to make green juice??

What is this weird trend that is taking the world by storm?

It’s very simple.

It’s an easy way to add vegetables and even some fruits to your diet!

It is so much easier to get junk food when you are on the go through your busy day!

Many people take vitamins to help them get some of the nutrition that they are missing…

but it’s not the same as real food!

Green juice is an easy way to get your vitamins, minerals and fiber (if you do not drain it).

Here are some recipes that you can try:

Image result for green juice recipes

I have some tips to help you make preparation a little easier.

  1. Cut up your servings ahead of time and put them in baggies. That way you can just throw the serving into your blender. I use the fruit ninja because it’s quick and easy clean up.
  2. I found that storing your produce in the freezer makes them break up easier when you stick them in the blender….so you don’t under up with the bigger chunks and pieces.
  3. Also, adding some crushed ice makes you drink into a nice refreshing smoothie!
  4. Adding Alkaline water has even more benefits for your health including providing you with magnesium and other electrolytes.
  5. Pick fruits and veggies that you like!
  6. Adding some strawberries or raspberries can sweeten up your drink naturally without adding sugar.

Along with blending and crushing my own produce, I have an easy on the go green powder that allows me to speed up my metabolism and get rid of the junk that has built up in my body.

Adding a packet of this powder to water or into tea everyday has given me more energy and even helped me slim down my waist.

You can find my favorite green powder HERE.

Remember to feed your body right so that it can work properly.

Junk in equals junk out!

Until next time!



Don’t forget to get your Healthy Living Starter kit with a weeks worth of recipes to help you speed up your metabolism!

How to get your energy back

There are only 24 hours in a day.

I have enough demands in my life…I don’t need low energy and fatigue to take over and control everything I do.

Having a autoimmune condition can take me down hard some days.

Before I knew what was going on…

I would struggle just to even make it through a work day.

There were days where I would go out to my car and sleep my entire lunch away.

There were days where that wasn’t enough and I just had to give up and go home.

Maybe you have never had fatigue that badly…

Maybe you have…

Either way…

It’s time to fight fatigue of all levels.

There are several foods and supplements that can help with this. Better nutrition magazine talks about some of them in their Nourish and Heal articles.

  • Eggs are a great source of protein and help the increase the brains production of certain chemicals and hormones that promote alertness and improve reaction time.
  • Celery is high in water. This prevents dehydration which can cause extreme tiredness.
  • Peanut butter is high in amino acids that help with the neurotransmitters. According to Better Nutrition magazine, studies have shown that people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome can greatly benefit from this wholesome food because of the b-vitamins, amino acids, and magnesium.
  • Green tea is another great way to improve symptoms of autoimmune disorders, boost energy, and improve alertness.

Powdered and liquid vitamins have also really helped me get through my day and help me stay alert and focused.

Check out my favorite powdered vitamins HERE.

These fizz sticks are jam pack with energizing B vitamins, Ginseng and CoQ10 to help your body function properly.

I take one in the morning with my tea and one in the afternoon to give me a boost.

Since I started using fizz sticks, it’s easier for me to stay awake and alert through my day.

Remember that your body needs proper nutrition for it to function properly.

Feeding your self properly can help you fight illness, fatigue, and get through your day without crashing.

Give some of these foods a try and see how they help you!

Don’t forget you can also get my free Healthy Living Starter Kit to get you on the right track. Get it here.

Until next time!

Untitled design (2)


An earlier dinnertime can help you lose weight and sleep better.

When I think of weight loss…

Exercise and changes in the types of food that I eat are two things that come into my mind.

But this week I actually found two different sources that say eating late can cause weight gain, bloating and other issues.

In Women’s Health magazine there is an advice article written by the senior  editor, Marissa Gainsburg.

In the article she explains what happened when she began eating dinner at least two hours before she went to bed.

She tends to exercise at night, so she had to make some changes to her schedule.

But, when she began eating dinner earlier she was surprised!

  • She felt less groggy in the mornings
  • She says her tummy was flatter
  • She even lost three pounds!

All this happened just from eating dinner earlier than she normally does!

In the book, The Bloat Cure…

There is a chapter dedicated to eating dinner earlier.

In the chapter, it says that your stomach contractions follow the light and dark cycles.

The book explains that your digestive muscles slow down at night, which can cause you to feel bloated and sleepy (especially if you eat a big meal).

If you want to feel more energized and less bloated, this is a simple change that can have a big impact!

Digestion is important for you to absorb the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

To make sure that your body is working well, some other things you can do include:

  • Drink more water
  • Eat fiber packed foods
  • Get your probiotics

Probiotics are so important to keep your gut in balance and working properly.

They are another great way to help you reduce bloating, especially if you tend to have food intolerance’s like I do!

Check out my favorite probiotic HERE.

I drink it every morning with some water to make sure that I am hydrated after a long night of peaceful sleep.

If you are looking for some help to get you started on your health goals, make sure you get your free Healthy Living Starter kit to get you going with some simple steps.

Until next time!


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