How to avoid weight gain during the holidays: 5 tips you can use now

How to avoid weight gain during the holidays: 5 tips you can use now How to avoid Weight gain during The holidays The holiday spirit came to Tennessee last night! We have a blanket of snow on the ground this morning. It’s so beautiful! I made myself a cup of hunger buster hot chocolate, and just enjoyed the peace and quiet. Have you noticed that during different holidays, All these seasonal yummies come out?! You only eat/drink them during this time of year. Marketers definitely have us all trained! These foods all look so good!  Whether you are going out to eat, or even to a friends house, You it can be hard not to try a little bit of everything, You were doing so well all year with working on your weight loss goals. Now you’re afraid that you might ruin your progress. I have some eating tips to help you avoid the holiday weight gain. #1 Snack wisely Many of the snacks and goodies are PACKED with calories and sugar. This can add up to some serious frustration. Be mindful of your snacking habits. A tasty treat here and there is OK. BUT… Try to choose healthier options like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. #2 watch your portion size It can be so easy just to pack food onto your plate. The easiest way to control your portion size is to use smaller plates. This way you just don’t have the room to pack it all on! #3 Practice mindful eating When you are in a rush, or even stressed, it’s easy to turn to food to make you feel better. -Sit down with your food. -Chew slowly -Take a few deep breaths before you eat. -Think of something good! This will help you relax and enjoy what you are eating. #4 Balance your meals with protein Most holiday meals and treats are packed with sugar and fat. You want to eat protein to curb hunger cravings.  Eat things like -meat  -poultry  -fish \ -quinoa  Research also shows that protein can also boost your metabolism! # 5 Make sure to include fiber Fiber will keep you feeling full and reduce your calorie intake. Here is are some fiber packed foods that you can find during the holidays. The bottom line Trying to stick with your health or weight loss goals during the holidays can be overwhelming, and even frustrating. Using a few simple habits can help you avoid weight gain, or even lose weight! I hope that you enjoy this holiday season. Spend time with your friends and family. Enjoy the little things. After all, this is what the holidays are all about. Did you find this helpful? Connect with me on social media to see more of what I’m up to! Chat soon, Brooke You can also find Brooke on Facebook Instagram TikTok Pinterest YouTube If you need some ideas for recipes to help you with creating healthy eating habits,get your starter kit here. Get more resources to help you at You can also find Brooke on Facebook Instagram TikTok Pinterest YouTube

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