How to beat your hunger cravings during the holidays.

How to beat your hunger cravings during the holidays. (Also, read on to also find my hunger buster hot chocolate  recipe.) The holidays are a time for fun, family….and of course food! Everywhere you go, there are holiday treats. New “seasonal” items on the menu. Lots of foods that are loaded with sugar and calories of course! All year you did so well sticking with your healthy habits! …OK, maybe you still cheated a little here and there. I won’t tell anyone. I promise! Right now it’s becoming even harder to keep those healthy habits going! If you’re like most people, you probably love to taste test anything that you’re cooking. You probably also taste a little bit of everything that your coworkers bring in to share. This wouldn’t be so bad if it was all salads and fruits Many people this year stick with the sweets and hearty meals though. So what can you do to prevent some of the hunger cravings that you are getting? #1 WATER Water is SO important! I know that you hear this all year long.Here is a previous post with more info. BUT! Did you know that you can mistake being thirsty for hunger? It’s true! So my first recommendation for you is to drink a glass of water before you attempt eating anything. I will tell you from personal experience that this works. Those hunger pangs are just your body saying that it needs something. Sometimes that something is just WATER! #2 Fiber Make sure that you are eating foods that are PACKED with fiber. Fiber keeps you feeling full longer. Of course you can get fiber in fruits and veggies. There are also several supplements that can be added to shakes or drinks. #3 Protein Protein comes in many shapes and forms. You can get protein in fish, meat, and eggs. There are also several plant based protein options. Don’t forget that there are different protein shakes that you can also consume. Protein is a staple for your body.
  • It helps your body repair itself.
  • It keeps you feeling full.
  • Prevents cravings.
  • Also, it helps with weight loss.
I won’t bore you with all the whys. But, I will tell you that protein powder is just one of the ingredients in my favorite Hunger buster hot chocolate. The recipe is quick and easy. Plus it’s great when you are craving something sweet. Hunger Buster Hot Chocolate Recipe You will need:
  • Cinnamon
  • Hot water
  • Coconut milk
  • Protein powder
I have tried a few different types of protein powder, but this one is my favorite. Plus it’s made with pea protein, which is much easier on my stomach! You can get more creative if you would like and add cherries, whip cream or even sprinkles. Mix one scoop of protein powder in a cup of hot water. Mix in some cinnamon. Add coconut milk, and your topping. Then enjoy! It’s quick,easy and yummy! Plus you can make it pretty for the holidays! This drink will keep you full and help you watch your weight. Give it a try and let me know what you think! Clean eating magazine did an interesting article with more tips as well. You can check out what they have to say HERE. Until next time 🙂 Did you find this helpful? Connect with me on social media to see more of what I’m up to! Chat soon, Brooke Learn more about my favorite products and what I do at Get more resources to help you at You can also find Brooke on Facebook Instagram TikTok Pinterest YouTube

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