Why you need to drink more water

Love this dog so much ❤ Took this picture before we went for a hike today!

Why you need to drink more water

To say that this year has been crazy, is an understatement. Many people have been confined to their homes. With little to do, many people have become best friends with their refrigerator. Are you one of them?

Haha..seriously though. This year so much has happened. Not only did I get the flu in JUNE…but I got it a SECOND time in AUGUST. First, let me say that having the flu in the summer is the worst. Second, I didn’t know it was possible to get the flu twice in a row??

Anyway, between not eating the best foods and taking medication it’s time to clean things out!

How much water should you be drinking?

I know a lot of people do not really like the taste of water. So staying hydrated looks more like pretty punch and bubbly soda.

Water has some amazing benefits though! …especially when you add some fruit to it. Shape magazine did a cool article that you can check out here.

Drinking water helps your body with all of these different things including:

  1. Balance fluids- when you’re dehydrated, you feel sluggish, tired and sometimes you experience more hunger cravings! No one wants to feel like that…
  2. Clean out toxins- Your organs do a GREAT job of this, but they need some help! Drinking more water helps everything move out quickly and easily.
  3. Clear your skin- Acne and even wrinkles can appear if you are not drinking enough water. Give your skin (and your wallet a fighting chance! Drink more water )
  4. Improve energy- I said it once already, but when you are dehydrated it will cause you to feel sluggish. Drink some water in the morning when you first wake up, and you will see some great things happen within the first week!
  5. Improve joint pain- To fight inflammation and keep things moving easily, your body need to stay hydrated. Think of a plant…what happens when it doesn’t get enough water?
  6. AND SO MUCH MORE- I could literally go on and on…but I’m sure you get the picture already.

It’s amazing how something that looks so plain can do so much, right?

Your body is made of mostly water

If you’re like many people though, you probably prefer to something that has more flavor. That’s why fruit infused water has become so common. Honestly, my favorite thing to add to water is orange. I just love the flavor of oranges. If you just let the slices soak, it tastes AMAZING!

Another of my favorite water additives are greens, but I don’t have time to sit there and make the juice every time I want it. Luckily I found this amazing greens product that takes only seconds to turn my water into a bloat and inflammation fighting master! You can check it out here.

In my opinion, greens supplements give water super powers. You get the added benefits of fruits and veggies like vitamins, minerals, and detox ability. I have found that it really helps me when my stomach is upset and bloated. I always feel so much better after drinking a glass!

Our diet has changed so drastically over the years. Unfortunately, all these processed foods don’ t have the nutrition that your body needs.

You know that eating healthier and drinking water can help with so many different things! Maybe it’s time to take what you know and start using it, so you can finally see the results for yourself ❤

Until next time!

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