How to heal your body NATURALLY

How to heal your body naturally!

The foods and medicines that we put into our bodies today contain ingredients that we were not designed to consume.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that people today would not have been able to live as long as we do without many of the medicines and things that have been developed.

I have actually been pretty sick over the past couple months.

Honestly, I wish I had wrote about some of what I was going through. I know there are people out there who are looking for support and hope.

I’ll give you the short version of it though…

A few months ago, I was struggling with the worst dizzy spells. I live in Tennessee. Allergies are bad here. So, I thought that I was finally starting to be affected like MANY of the people who live here. This is the allergy capitol of the world, LOL.

After two weeks of trying to deal with it, I became very weak. Something was not right. So I called my doctor and they had me come in immediately. I almost fell off the scale, and they told me I had a 101.9 fever. The it was a flurry of blood work and questions as they tried to figure out what was happening.

I was dehydrated and had lost 10 pounds. I was now down to 120lbs.

They suspected a UTI. I went home with some strong antibiotics and medicines. I should have been getting better. Everything hurt. I felt worse. When all the medicines were finished, I called my doctor and told them I felt worse. I told them I felt like I had the flu.

I was told that people “don’t get the flu in the summer”. They said that I probably had this Coronavirus that was going around and I should get tested. The health department was closed. So I went to Fast Pace. I told them everything that was happening. I told them I felt like I had the flu.

After some tests, it was determined that I DID NOT have the Coronavirus. In fact I had Type A Flu. I was given medicine for the extreme nausea and told to wait another 10 days to see how I felt. She said that I was dehydrated from the fevers and needed to drink as much fluids as I could.


Then I continued to get WORSE!

I waited it out. On day 10, I called my doctor AGAIN.

I told them what they said at Fast Pace, and that I was still feeling worse. So they had me come in immediately again. I was told that sometimes the flu turns into other complications. They found I had a double ear infection with both ears bleeding. They also ran a bunch more blood work.

The flu had turned into Myositis. I had never head of that before. They explained to me that my muscles were swelling and breaking down. She said they had to check my kidneys because this can be dangerous.

Not only did it hurt my kidneys, but it put me into kidney failure. My kidneys were only 54% functioning. My doctor had to consult with another doctor because she didn’t understand how someone as healthy as I am could have this happen.

I don’t eat junk. I hike 3 miles with my dogs everyday. I ride horses and work in the pasture constantly. How could this even happen so FAST??

More blood work. More fluids. More rest.

This was wearing me out physically and mentally.

I normally drank protein shakes, but with my kidneys I couldn’t any more. So I switched to fruit and veggie smoothies. Finding different combinations and trying to get some calories and fluids.

I was also drinking an electrolyte powder to help with hydration. Diabetes is not really a concern for someone like me. But, viruses and bacteria feed on sugar. So I stuck with a low sugar electrolyte with some vitamins. You can check it out here.

Just as fast as it all hit, things reversed and started getting better.

The blood work was starting to look good! ..and then I started having trouble eating. I was tired ALL THE TIME!

So…more blood work. Now I was having a Mono relapse.

Two ultra sounds of my abdomen showed that my spleen was very enlarged. Not much else to do but rest and keep drinking fluids.

To be safe, a CT scan was done. Luckily there were no other complications. More blood work showed that my kidneys were healing FAST as well! They were now back up over 92% function. I was no longer in kidney failure.

All the things that I do for my health have paid off big time through all of this. My body was hit hard. My immune system was put to the test. I could have been so much worse.

Feeding my body well and using supplements to support it allowed me to heal fast.

To support and continue healing, I am continuing the smoothies. Some of the supplements that I continue to use are monolaurin, Thymus, Vitamin D, probiotics, electrolytes, and B vitamins.

There are many different retailers who you can buy these products from. Do your research and make sure that they are a reputable company. You can find some of my favorite products ..and get a $10 off coupon here .

Modern medicine has come a long way. Your body needs support as well though. I have learned this through fighting Lyme Disease and now all this.

Our diet today has a lot of junk, and is missing some of the vital nutrients. We have swapped healthy for convenience.

If you are someone who struggles to weight or health problems, it will take some time before you see the results that you want. Be patient. It took a long time for your body to get to an unhealthy place, but it can heal. Things can get better.

Start with some smaller habits if you are new to all this. It’s very hard to just change everything over night.

As you make small swaps and create better habits, you will see the small changes in your health over time.

Be mindful of what you put into your body, and ask yourself what it will help you with. Doing a little research will help you figure out what types of things you should be doing for your own situation. I also highly recommend finding a doctor that focuses on holistic and nutritional methods.

Stay positive! You can do this ❤

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