Drink mix to replace coffee in my morning routine

Drink mix to replace coffee in my morning routine.

I’m more of a morning person than a night person. I think Dinozzo wishes I would sleep a little later though, haha

I have always been someone who was an early riser. Up at 3:30am on the weekdays and at 5am on the weekends. I’m not sure when it really started. I guess maybe in college.

I was working in the horse and livestock barns back then, and everything had to be done before my classes at 7am. Back then I was also someone who LOVED to go out with my friends. I usually didn’t get to bed until after midnight. I ran on NO sleep many days LOL.

Today, I still wake up early to take care of the horses and other animals.

Right now my cat, Milo has been sick for about two months. It started with a fever, and then we found that he has severe degeneration in his hips. Every morning I bring his food and medicine to him. He doesn’t run around as much as he used to, but he definitely feels better than he did a couple months ago.

Once I get Milo taken care of, I feed the mud room cats, barn cats and the dogs. Once everyone has eaten I spend about 40 minutes doing some yoga and exercise. Then I get dressed and make myself some breakfast.

For about an hour I work on the posts and  for my home business, as well as connecting with followers and team members.

Then, as it’s starting to get light outside I feed the horses. I used to keep them in their stalls every night, and this process used to take much longer than it does now LOL. After talking with the vet and farrier about the horses feet, and Astorias health condition, it was decided that pasture is better for them. So now, they just come up to get some grain in the morning, checked over and get their feet cleaned.

To some people this may sound like a lot. After doing it all for so many years, this routine has become part of me. It’s peaceful. The animals are happy. It makes me feel good to know that they are getting everything they need.

There was a point a few years ago where I was working so many hours at my job that I needed two pots of coffee a day to keep up with this schedule. Everyone knew that if they were passing by the farm, they could stop in to grab a cup of coffee.

After a while, coffee just started to make me not feel so great. I tried watering it down. I tried drinking it with food. I tried different types of coffee. My stomach was just not having it any more.

I guess I never thought about how acidic coffee is.

So I had to find an alternative. I needed something that was going to keep me going.

I drank so much coffee because I would have that crash a few hours after drinking a cup, you know what I mean?

Finding a product that worked with my body not only meant I could keep going through the day, but that I wasn’t doing harm to my stomach any more… and I wouldn’t feel sick any more!

I have fallen in love with the Stix!

I’ve noticed that I don’t have that energy crash that coffee usually gives me. If you are tired of that crash, you may want to take a look at these!

Chat soon 🙂

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