How to make green juice: easy tips and recipes

How to make green juice??

What is this weird trend that is taking the world by storm?

It’s very simple.

It’s an easy way to add vegetables and even some fruits to your diet!

It is so much easier to get junk food when you are on the go through your busy day!

Many people take vitamins to help them get some of the nutrition that they are missing…

but it’s not the same as real food!

Green juice is an easy way to get your vitamins, minerals and fiber (if you do not drain it).

Here are some recipes that you can try:

Image result for green juice recipes

I have some tips to help you make preparation a little easier.

  1. Cut up your servings ahead of time and put them in baggies. That way you can just throw the serving into your blender. I use the fruit ninja because it’s quick and easy clean up.
  2. I found that storing your produce in the freezer makes them break up easier when you stick them in the blender….so you don’t under up with the bigger chunks and pieces.
  3. Also, adding some crushed ice makes you drink into a nice refreshing smoothie!
  4. Adding Alkaline water has even more benefits for your health including providing you with magnesium and other electrolytes.
  5. Pick fruits and veggies that you like!
  6. Adding some strawberries or raspberries can sweeten up your drink naturally without adding sugar.

Along with blending and crushing my own produce, I have an easy on the go green powder that allows me to speed up my metabolism and get rid of the junk that has built up in my body.

Adding a packet of this powder to water or into tea everyday has given me more energy and even helped me slim down my waist.

You can find my favorite green powder HERE.

Remember to feed your body right so that it can work properly.

Junk in equals junk out!

Until next time!



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