How to stay motivated in your exercise routine.

I think that many people struggle withe exercise because they do not have a routine that they enjoy.

If your exercise feels more like work, it’s time to figure out some activities that you enjoy doing and can do several times a week.

Personally I am not someone who uses a gym…

I do have some equipment at my house including a stair stepper and a treadmill.

These get used on rainy days or when I work late.

I prefer to be in the sunlight and get some fresh air.

I love taking the dogs hiking or even just for a walk.

I love riding the horses.

Barn chores are definitely an exercise on their own. I usually throw on an audio book or a podcast and just clean away.

Yoga is another of my favorites!

What are some things that you enjoy doing?

There are so many things out there that you can do!

Swimming, yoga, walking, running, bicycling, rollerskating, ice skating…or maybe you are someone who is better with a gym or gym equipment.

You can even get some inexpensive gym equipment that fits in your home. Check out some of the different sporting goods stores or even online.

Find something that you can enjoy, and you will find time to do it.

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