Recharge your health journal: You have to be doing the things if you want to make progress

🍒Journal entry for Recharge Your Health challenge🍒

Along with improving my health through diet, I know that I need to be getting back into some form of exercise routine again.

Before I became sick, I rode horses for two hours a day, walked the dogs three miles a day, cleaned the stalls, brushed out the horses, did yoga every morning and every night…

I used to even run for five miles before having to slow down to the three mile walks and hikes with the dogs…that was at the very beginning.

Maybe you’re not an active person…so you don’t understand how good you feel running around doing these things. They are things I love though.

Imagine waking up one day and not being able to do any of the things that you love to do.

That’s what happened to me.

I’m on my path to finding myself again.

Emotionally and physically.

I want to feel whole again.

Do you understand what I mean?


Getting back into an exercise routine…

I’m so sore!😝

I have been working on squats and the stair stepper 1-2 times a day for 10-15 minutes a day. Typically I do these before my yoga routine so then I can focus on regaining and controlling my breathing.

Why did I choose these as my focus?

Because I ride horses….and I hike.

These focus on the muscles that I need to be able to ride the way I used to again.

I have some arm and shoulder exercises that I do as well with weights and resistance bands. They are not my main focus though.

I only allow myself one week day off and one weekend day off.

Before I became sick, I was a very active person.

I have been trying desperately to get back into my old routine🙄

Every time I try to jump in, I just feel frustrated because it’s hard to do the things I used to…

Then I overwork myself and become exhausted.

I used to be able to ride the horses for a hard two hour workout…I’m not really back to that standard yet…but it’s nice to be having fun in the saddle again 🐎

I feel like I am gaining some ground since I started this challenge though.

I’m working on pacing myself now.

I can hold my yoga poses longer and my flexibility is coming back.

I don’t feel as winded when the dogs and I go out for our three mile trek 🐾

I make sure that every morning I drink my clean tea with vitamin fizz, and every night I have another hot clean tea ☕️

It soothes my throat and keeps my stomach happy🎉

Steering clear of processed sugar is definitely keeping my skin clear too💥

I have struggled with breakouts on my face off and on for a while. I would get my skin calmed down and then it would happen all over again.

Things are more under control now…including the eczema that used to pop up and drive me crazy to the point that I wanted to rip my skin off.

Everyday is another step in my journey🏝

Remember that you are the only one that can make changes in your life‼️

If you’re tired of feeling frustrated with your health, CLICK HERE so we can chat and see if I can help you too 💖

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