Somethings that I have been thinking about…

Why is it that people have become so comfortable with eating foods that can do harm to them?

Of course emotion play a large part.

People love foods that make them feel good.

People love to eat foods that their friends and family enjoy so they can spend time together.

Emotions play a large part in what we eat as well.

I know that I can be a horrible stress eater if I am not careful. Things that I tend to crave include sweets, salty foods and crunchy foods.

But there are several healthier options that fall into those same categories…

Processed and refined foods have become the norm for our society.

They’re less expensive, easy to make, and many times you can grab and go from some place quick if you are busy and on the road.

Many of these processed foods lack the nutrition that our bodies need and crave, so we end up eating more than we really need to.

Many times hunger cravings can be caused because you are thirsty, or because your body needs a specific vitamin or mineral.

I’m not here to say that everyone needs to stop eating the foods that we have come to know and love…

but we need to start feeding ourselves proper nutrition again.

If you want your body to function properly and allow you to enjoy your life, taking care of it should be a priority.

Many times, it is not until you become sick or ill that you take care of yourself.

When I learned that I was sick all the time because of an autoimmune condition and that nutrition could control it….

I had two options:

  • I could continue to eat the foods that were causing flare ups, bloating, joint pain, weight gain, and fatigue…
  • OR.. I could change my diet and enjoy the things I love again. I could get my life back again.

I chose to change my diet.

I won’t tell you that it was or is easy.

It’s not.

There are days where I just want to eat a pint of ice cream or a box of cookies because I feel like it.

There are days where the people around me eat food that smells so goo, but I know one bite will send my stomach turning.

There are days I give in… and then I regret it.

But the thing about the Clean eating to Recharge yourself challenge is that it’s about developing better habits.

No one is going to be mad at me because I had a bad day…or week.

It’s all on me.

Everyday I am getting healthier with the small changes that I continue to make.

Everyday I face challenges and work to overcome them because I want to love my life. I want to love the things I do.

Maybe you don’t understand where I’m coming from…

That’s OK.

I know there are people though who are in the same boat as me.

They want to live a healthier life.

They want to gain their confidence and self-esteem back.

I’m here for them.

I’m here to say that at the end of the day, you are made for more…

and each day you have the option to make it better than the next.

I created an E-Book to help you make some simple changes that you can start today. Get your free E-book here. Along with it you will also get access to my newsletter.

Until next time!


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