Starting off the New Year with the vision of health

I have been sick off and on for the last three years!

The last year was the worst when I was struggling with Lyme disease.

I saw seven different doctors and specialists and not a single one could figure out how to help me.

I had all sorts of tests run including ct scans, blood work every week, cameras and scopes sent down my nose and throat several times, x-rays…. everything.

I continued to be in pain everyday.

I continued to sleep 24-7.

I almost lost my job.

I even was unable to eat solid food for 2 months!

I know many people would have given up.

I wanted to…

but I couldn’t.

I knew that there had to be something out there. Someone had to know how to help me.

I ended up traveling out of state to Georgia to a Holistic Practitioner.

My husband and I would drive down, get a hotel there the night before, and then be in the office for 6-7 hours for tests and treatments.

Along with working with this practitioner, I was also working with another in Washington and an herbalist in Tennessee. My primary care doctor saw how much these methods were working to help me and even started researching herbs and foods that could help me.

Very quickly I began to regain my strength.

I did have set backs here and there, but within two months I was starting to get better. Within the first week of treatment I was able to eat solid food again.

As I began learning more from them how foods, herbs and supplements could help me, I began exploring other options so I wouldn’t have to travel so far.

That’s where I found a company that supports clean eating and helps you re-balance your system through nutrition.

I am starting off the New Year with a clean eating challenge.

For 30 days I will be building more health habits, using nutrition to continue healing my body, and sharing with you how it’s all working!

If you want more info click here and we can chat.

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