What does liquid collagen do?

What does liquid collagen do?

I love adding liquid collagen to my smoothies

Collagen is not something that many people talk about, except maybe when they are at a consultation for Botox. Ouch!

I actually learned about collagen when I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. A friend of mine recommended that I look in to collagen to help with the joint pain.

I tried collagen in the pill form, and in the powder form. The powder form definitely did more than the pill form did for my joint pain.

Then I started hearing about liquid collagen. I heard that it was easier for your body to absorb and helped more with gut health than the other forms.

As I was doing some research into it, this was what I learned about liquid collagen.

  1. Your skin is made of collagen. Taking liquid collagen actually helps firm skin and fight wrinkles. I actually have customers who have had amazing results after pregnancy. They have seen their dimple disappear as their skin firms up.
  2. Collagen helps your joints stay lubricated. It helps reduce inflammation and protect the cartilage. This in turn helps with joint pain, and will give you a little more comfort. Lyme disease took a tole on my joints. I was in a lot of pain and it made it hard to work with the horses or exercise the dogs. Liquid collagen helped much more than the pills and powders did for me.
  3. It helps build muscle. This makes it great especially if you are looing to lose weight or even to help recovery after working out.
  4. It helps to heal your gut. Your gut is the house of your immune system. Medications and poor diet can do some damage to your gut. Collagen helps heal it and even ease stomach problems.
  5. Liquid collagen can help with weight loss. This power house supplement helps to curb cravings and balance blood sugar.

I have been using liquid collagen for a couple years now. I have seen changes in my hair, skin, and in my waist. You can check out my favorite product here.

Your body is built with collagen. Over the years, it starts to break down. Why not give you body a little boost.

You can add it to your coffee, smoothies, or even just take it alone.

Until next time!

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