Kick hunger cravings: Learn how clean eating can help you

Kick hunger cravings: Learn how clean eating can help you!
I feel like a write a lot about hunger cravings and food cravings.
There’s a reason for it though.
I LIVED them.
Everyday and every night.
There was a point where I would wake up in the middle of the night just wanting something sweet.
I felt as if I could not go to bed until I ate something.
I would be fine when I was at work sometimes.
Drinking water seemed to keep me going most days.
But, then as soon as I was home from work I felt so hungry.
I knew that something just was not right.
I knew that there had to be a way to stop it.
I was using multi-vitamins.
Though I knew it was still possible to not be getting enough nutrition because you only absorb something like 10% from a multivitamin.
So I started to do some research.
I learned about how stress and poor diet could cause the chemicals in the brain to not work right.
I started looking into herbal supplements and teas.
They seemed to help a little.
My true understanding of how everything works didn’t happen until I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease.
It makes your entire body not work the way it is supposed to.
One of the biggest turning points for me was just eating BETTER food.
Food can actually heal your body if you give them some time.
Of course it’s not something that happens over night.
Most likely your health problems did not develop overnight.
Once I began learning more about all of this, I decided to try my first clean eating challenge.
It was my chance to challenge the food cravings.
It was a challenge for myself to develop better habits.
It was also a challenge for myself to make the decision of what was more important to me. My health or what other people thought?
These are the same choices that you have to make.
Because if any one of them seems like they are too difficult for you, then you will choose excuses over better health.
The clean eating challenge gave me a chance to make small changes that would improve my health.
They were not huge changes at first.
But because of the smaller changes, over time I was able to make bigger and better changes.
So what does clean eating actually do?
What I have learned is that your typical diet is not providing the nutrition that your body needs to work properly.
Also, your typical diet often provides too much of the things that you don’t need a much of.
There really is a balance.
Things like fat and artificial sweeteners make food taste really good.
That’s why they are loaded into what you are eating and drinking from restaurants and other places.
When you make healthier choices, the bad stuff has to get pushed out and removed first.
This is where fiber can be one of the most important things that you add to your diet.
It helps to push the bad stuff along.
I noticed some big changes in the first couple weeks of my clean eating journey.
My stomach was the first thing to start getting better.
A side effect of all the medication that I was on, and the Lyme disease itself is stomach problems and food intolerance.
Sometimes I would eat the smallest bite of food, and then my stomach was just so upset.
Did you know that when your gut isn’t happy you can’t fight off sickness as well, you can get joint pain, gain weight, and even have horrible fatigue.
Healing your gut allows you to get rid of many problems and feel better overall.
Next was my skin.
I have been prone to cystic acne all my life.
I tried all sorts of face and body washes to clear it up.
What I didn’t realize until now, was that it was cause by the foods that I was eating.
Not only have I suffered from acne, but eczema in the fall and winter has always been a horrible problem.
My legs and face would get it.
By changing my diet, this has also gone away!
My skin was definitely the next place that I noticed changes.
 From there I have noticed so many other changes over time.
If you have been struggling with getting your health under control,
or just feel like you don’t know where to start,
I highly suggest learning more about clean eating.
You can learn more about the program that has helped me so much with my health here.
Remember to take baby steps.
Each day is another chance to make changes and start over if you didn’t do as well the day before.
Until next time!

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