How to win the battle with hunger cravings

How to win the battle with hunger cravings.
I used to struggle with hunger cravings.
They were so strong that I just needed to eat something right then and there to make myself feel better.
But what I found was that when I was eating whatever it was that I was craving, I wouldn’t feel full…
and when I was done eating…
I would feel so horrible and sometimes even sick.
Can you relate?
It’s amazing how fast that carton of ice cream, bag of chips, or box of cookies can disappear!
Through the program that I use I have been able to not only get those hunger cravings under control, but also prevent them from happening as often.
So what actually causes these hunger cravings, and how can you control them?
1. Sleep
When you are not getting enough sleep your body will crave nutrition in order to help give you more energy.
Sleep help to regulate the hormones and chemicals in your body,
as well as heal and fight off infection.
The hunger cravings are trying to tell you that your body needs some help recovering and working properly.
2. Hormones
When you are not getting enough sleep, under a lot of stress, or not eating properly,
your hormones can get out of balance.
What does this mean for you?
It can cause weight gain, fatigue, joint pain, acne and many other problems.
3. The fuel you feed your body.
What you consume affects your body.
You need specific nutrition…
like vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and even amino acids.
Unfortunately, many of the foods that we eat today do not have the nutrition that we need.
So what happens?
When you are not getting the good stuff, your body will have food cravings in order to attempt to get what it needs.
I have craved some of the weirdest things including ketchup, pickle juice and cheese.
My least favorite cravings are for ice cream…
My stomach does not do well if I eat more than a cup full of ice cream…
All of this information is good news for you!
It means that you can control, reduce, and eventually even prevent these cravings from happening!
If your life is anything like mine,
I’m sure that you have a lot going on!
This can make taking care of yourself difficult.
So, what else can you do?
There are supplements that can help the process.
There are different herbs and energy boosting supplements that can help A LOT!
Like my fit sticks that I love!
They give you nutrition that curbs those hunger cravings,
and will even give you an energy boost without all the sugar that most energy drinks have.
I know many people turn to coffee for energy in the morning and even in the afternoons…
But since I want to give my body actual nutrition that it needs, the fizz sticks are a better option.
I did a live video on Facebook about this topic,
Until next time my friends!

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