How to improve digestive health to boost weight loss and have more energy

How to improve digestive health to boost weight loss and have more energy.

Did you know that how you feel and how your body functions is controlled by your gut?

If your gut is not working properly then you will see and feel the effects.

Many of the foods that we eat today are processed and missing the nutrients that our gut and body needs.

Things will build up in your body and your system becomes clogged up.

This can cause weight gain, joint pain and even fatigue.

When I was first diagnosed with Lyme disease I learned that by removing certain things from my diet and daily use, I could actually heal my body from the inside out.

Some of the things that I removed include aluminum (canned foods, and deodorant), fluoride, candy and chocolate, bread.

I started eating more real foods and less boxed meals.

Just because it comes in a box, does not mean that you should eat it.

Whole foods are packed with more vitamins and minerals.

Improve your gut and digestive health, and you will be able to absorb more of the nutrients that you need.

To learn more about this, I recommend checking out this book:


To start improving your gut health, increasing your fiber intake and using probiotics can help speed up the process and move things along faster.

This is because you are pushing out the junk and giving your body the good bacteria that helps break down what is in your gut.

Once I did this, I noticed two things happen pretty quickly.

I didn’t feel as bloated, and my stomach started to shrink.

Bloating is caused by things like poor diet and lack of water.

Fiber and probiotics can reverse this very quickly.

A clean eating program can also help to speed up your results.

You don’t have t make drastic changes when moving into a clean eating program.

Small changes each day can improve your digestive health over time.

We all know that fruits and vegetables can give you more fiber and nutrients.

Clean eating is not just about eating salads all the time though.

Unless you choose to be vegan.

Otherwise you can still eat steak, chicken and fish.

There are some coaches who teach clean eating programs that also show you how to prepare steak so that it’s healthier for you.

Mostly this includes how to cook it, cutting the fat out and not using thick sauces.

Clean eating is not about starving yourself.

Digestive health is not about starving yourself.

It’s about feeding yourself right.

Eating smaller portions through the day keeps your energy up and prevents overeating.

Making healthier choices for your snacks allows you to prevent your blood sugar from falling and keeps that late afternoon starving feeling away.

Since starting a clean eating program I have watched my energy go up and even lost a couple inches along the way.

So if you want to improve your digestive health remember:

  • Fiber is your friend
  • Keep the probiotics coming
  • Smaller portions
  • Cut out the junk
  • Make small changes each day to get used to your new habits 🙂

How to improve digestive health To boost weightloss and have more energy

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  1. Love this! I definitely needed this article in my life lol, i’m gonna pick up some fiber filled foods and probiotics tonight.


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