How to be consistent in your workout routine


Summer is on it’s way…

This is the time of year that you are thinking about where you want to vacation, what you want to do on your vacation, and what you plan on wearing….For many it means bathing suits!

So now you start looking at what your eating and what your doing to get some exercise in.

You can pick an exercise routine that you want…

but if you are not being consistent, you will not see results!

Make sense?


What can you do?

Here are some tips to help you be more consistent with your routine.

1- Get a buddy! Having someone to workout with can make all the difference. They can help motivate you and keep you going. This is why many people love hiring a personal trainer.

In general, just having someone to do it with you can help you stay motivated.

If you have pets, they can also be helpful to help get you out the door. Animals need exercise as much as we do. If you are tired of your dog barking all the time, chewing up the house when you are at work, or peeing on everything….many times you can stop behavioral problems with a consistent exercise routine.

Find a place where you can take them for a walk, jog, or hike.

I have a belgian malinois mix and a fox terrier mix. Both are very high energy. Taking them out for exercise everyday keeps them happy and healthy without stressing me out.

2- Look at the schedule that you have now. Where can you block out time just for exercise? It tends to be easier to get into a consistent habit when you plan ahead.

This is time just for you.

Make it something that you can look forward to.

3- Create a playlist that you enjoy.

For some people their playlist is hardcore and gets their heart pounding just listening to it.

For some people they something softer that helps them relax and focus.

Personally, I love to listen to books and podcasts. Many of the audios I listen to are motivational speakers or inspiring topics that help me get clear and focused on a topic, so that I don’t focus on problems or things that happened during the day or the week. Basically it’s like meditation for me.

4- Reward yourself after your work out! ALWAYS reward yourself, especially when you are working on creating a new routine.

This does not mean to eat an ice cream sundae or the biggest burger at McDonalds’…

It means do give yourself something that you enjoy so you want to continue doing the routine.

Is there a protein shake that you love? You can refuel your body and help it recover.

Is there a good book that you want to relax and read? More time for yourself without the demands from the outside world!

Was there movie or show that you have wanted to see on Netflix? Now you can sit and unwind!

Creating a consistent routine is not about beating yourself up because you missed an opportunity to workout.

Creating a consistent routine is about finding something that you love and making it a habit that you do once or twice a week.

Start small and build up from there.

You have enough demands in your life….

Don’t be your own worst enemy when it comes to taking care of yourself.

After my workout or exercise, I usually make a cup of fizz tea, and read a little.

The fizz tea is great because I can make it warm or cold, it has vitamins and minerals that help my body recover and it doesn’t have all the sugar that many sports and energy drinks have.

They come in a couple different flavors. You can get more info about my favorite fit sticks here.

Summer is on it’s way!

It’s time to get ready.

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