How to create an effective workout routine

If you are serious about your health, you need to develop a workout plan that you are going to stick with.

There are five steps that you can take to make your plan more effective.

You can find so many random plans…

But you need to find the plan that works for you and your schedule.

Many people hire personal trainers to help them figure out what will work, but you can create one on your own as well.

1. Figure out your goal

What do you want to accomplish from your workouts? If you want to meet a specific weight loss goal, or just tone up, you will have different things that you need to do. If you know what you want your result to be, you can then create action steps that help you be successful.

2. Days, times, and duration

When do you have time to exercise? Only you know what your schedule looks like. You want to create a plan that fits in your schedule. You also want to create a plan that allows you to be consistent. Pencil your workouts into your schedule, and you will be more likely to actually follow though.

3. Location and equipment

Where and how do you want to work out? I am someone who loves to incorporate my exercise into my lifestyle. I take my dogs for walks or hikes. I ride the horses. But, on rainy days I have a treadmill and stair stepper.

What equipment would you enjoy using? You may be someone who would prefer to workout from home. You may be someone who would prefer to workout at the gym. Figure out what you would enjoy doing, and where you will also enjoy doing it more.

4. Create exercises

Switching up the things you do can be fun. Some days I will hop on the stair stepper….but some days I will do yoga. You don’t want to pick one specific thing to do. You can become bored with the same thing everyday.

Pick 3-4 things that you like to do. Switch up when you do them and how long you do them for. You could do two on one day, and then two on another day. You want to make if fun and enjoyable! Add sets, rest and then pick something else to do.

5. Stick to the plan!

Consistency is what matters. If you find that you are struggling, try changing what you are doing. It may take a couple tries before you find what you enjoy doing.

Once you have a plan that works, you will see the results start to happen!



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