Holiday Temptations

Do you feel like during the holidays that everyone feels the need to bake all sorts of goodies?

Each treat is so pretty and you just want to try it because you feel that it is expected of you…and everyone else is eating it as well!

You have three choices….

  • One is that you can eat it and be mad at yourself later.
  • One is that you could eat half of the serving that was offered….but you still feel guilty later.
  • Or you could just say no. Did you know that this is acceptable?

Why is it that you find it so hard to say no? This is not only with food, but also whenever someone asks you to do something.

The word “NO” makes us feel like we are doing something wrong.

In reality you are doing something RIGHT!

I read this book called “Breaking Your Own Rules” by Jill Flynn with several co-authors. It is hard for women especially to say no to anything.

In reality you are standing up for yourself, preventing overwhelm, and helping your mental health.

Do you realize how important this little work is to your mental health and well-being?!

Peer pressure all to often controls what we do.

When you are placed in a situation where you know that you will be frustrated or overwhelmed after the event, step back and remember that you matter too.

Is it really going to matter to the other person after the fact if you said no? Maybe…

Will they shun you forever? Probably not…

So if you are working on your health goals through the holidays, remember that it’s OK to say “NO”. Other people are capable of eating the treats for you.

Your mind matters. Remember self care this holiday season!

Until next time 🙂

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