What happened in my first clean eating challenge!

I know I didn’t cover my first challenge as often as I had wanted to in the beginning.

There are some great changes that came out of it though.

When I first started the challenge, my goal was to eliminate the sugar cravings and reduce stress eating.

I am a horrible stress eater. Sometimes the cravings are for chocolate, sometimes for salt, and sometimes just for something super crunchy.

I didn’t really notice much until just into my second week.

Normally around 3-4pm is when my cravings kick in.

In the middle of my second week, I realized that I hadn’t eaten the chocolate hummus that was in my fridge. I had bought it specifically for my cravings as a healthier option.

I had been drinking my fizzy stick as I was getting ready to take the dogs for a walk.

The fizzy sticks had taken place of the stress eating that would normally happen. Since these little gems are jam packed with vitamins and minerals, they were giving me the energy I needed to keep going without coffee.

When you give yourself good nutrition, there are so many amazing benefits!

Not only did I see a change in my eating and cravings, but I also had some visible effects on my body.

I had taken some measurements before the challenge…I should probably invest in a scale, but I don’t have one.

Before the challenge I was a size three with the following measurements:

  • Butt – 37 inches
  • Middle of my waist- 28 inches
  • Bust- 36.5 inches

After the challenge I am still a size three…but with some changes:

  • Butt- 37 inches
  • Middle of my waist- 27.5 inches
  • Bust- 36 inches

That’s pretty cool, especially since I didn’t add any strenuous exercise into it!

My skin also has it’s own changes!

I tend to get some acne on my forehead…it’s gone! I’m not someone who likes to wear makeup on my face, so everyone would always see when I’m having a breakout.

Now they get to see me without makeup…and without the acne!

After Thanksgiving I will be starting my second clean eating challenge.

My plan is to update you once a week on my progress.

If you want to take it with me, click here to contact me…or you can get started with the link on the side.

Until next time!

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