Day 1 Clean Eating challenge

If I want to be able to take care of those that matter to me, I need to take care of myself first!💯

whether you have children, or animals, or needy spouses… They all count on you to be there for them.☀️

I don’t want my health today to be what keeps me from caring for them or doing the things I love!🙄

So yesterday marks day one of my clean eating challenge!🧚‍♀️

even with the busy schedule there are ways to fit in healthy eating.

👉 Premade meals

👉 easy to make shakes

👉 water is your best friend

And if you think it’s too much work just remind yourself what it would be like to not have pain or if you could lose those inches that just won’t go away.

I will share with you my journey over the next month and if you feel like you want to tagalong just let me know! 💖

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