Definitely keeping up with my electrolytes!

Nothing like a going for a hike to recharge me physically and mentally👣

The dogs and I spent the morning hiking at Tim’s Ford again💖

When we go early morning it’s so peaceful…plus we got to see a baby deer 🦌!! The little guy was too fast for me to get a picture, but he was just a little bigger than Dinozzo 🐕

They cut up a lot of the fallen trees finally, so we didn’t have to climb over as many. 🌲

Just as I was ordered to do, I have my electrolyte powder with me 🍹It goes everywhere with me now!

I used the get this weak feeling by the afternoon. I felt like I just couldn’t keep myself going.

Plus I would begin to feel a little foggy mentally.

Since I started using this powder, I am able to fight this feeling and continue on with my day.

If you’re looking for a sugar free, and yummy way to get your electrolytes you need to check out Revitalize. You can use the link in the side bar to get $10 off your purchase 💖

It smells so good, Dinozzo thought he would try it 🤣 he has his own liquid gold though🥂

Do you ever share your drink with your pets??

Image may contain: Brooke Oakes, smiling, dog

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