Follow the yellow brick road

You want to make decisions that are going to help you through life!

Sometimes it can take some trial and error to find where you are going.

After some soul searching, and deep conversations with others, I realized that I was not following the path that I wanted to be on. I realized that I knew where I wanted to go, but I was not being proactive to get there.

I had suffered some severe health problems that no doctors seemed to be able to help me with. I was pumped full of medicine, antibiotics, shots of all sorts and put through so many different tests. No one could give me solutions. This led me onto the journey of learning about how nutrition and herbal supplements can help build your immune function, as well as help your body function properly.

Over time, due to stress, due to illness, and other factors, your body does not produce necessary enzymes or repair its own cells well. Because of this, you have to replace needed nutrients through your diet.

The signs and symptoms your body gives you can be annoying or even painful.

When you start to give your boy what it needs, you will see improved function and feel better!

For example, digestive enzymes made a world of difference for me! Every time I ate, I felt like I had eaten a turkey dinner after two bites of food. I had pains under my left rib, and I couldn’t eat greasy food. Turns out all I needed were probiotics and digestive enzymes. I take them with every meal and the discomfort is gone! I can eat three meals a day now!

Want to learn more about how eating healthier and what supplements may help you? Click here!


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