Meal replacement shakes to crush hunger cravings

Meal replacement shake to crush hunger cravings.

Haha I think Dinozzo wants some of my shake!

Are mornings a busy time for you?

Your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze button…then when you finally get up you are rushing out the door hoping not to be late for work.

If I have to rush out the door, the rest of my day just feels as if it doesn’t go right. I need the morning time to get myself together and prepare for whatever craziness may happen.

I always give myself some time for tea, meditation and yoga. This morning my dog Dinozzo was actually not impressed with relaxation and meditation though. All he wanted was for me to throw his tennis ball as many times as I could so he could run around the house.

It’s funny because normally it’s hard to get him up and going on a cold morning like today was. Here in Tennessee we were 30 degrees at 3:30am. It was COLD. Normally the dogs will bury themselves in the fleece blankets when it’s like this. Dinozzo was not feeling it this morning though.

Trying to meditate and do Yoga with a 30lbs dog bouncing on you is not very relaxing, haha.

If your schedule is busy or things happening in the morning, it’s easy to forget to eat a good breakfast. Eating a good breakfast does not mean that you need to eat a huge meal. It means that you are fueling your body so that you can make it through the day.

Life has so many demands and the last thing that you need is to be craving a snack in the middle of a meeting at work or when you’re running around on a tight schedule.

I’ve tried a few different meal replacement shakes and protein shakes. One thing that I learned really fast was that I can’t tolerate certain brands. They would make my stomach feel bloated and gross. That’s not something that you want to be feeling when you have so much to do in a day. Whey and soy were two of the things that just made me feel not well.

I found a couple products that were much easier on my stomach and have helped me cut out the afternoon snacking. My favorite is the chocolate. I did a video about a quick and easy recipe that you can check out here.

Once it’s made, you can take it with you wherever you are going. It’s nice to know that something that tastes so much like dessert is actually good for you. I even add a little of my favorite liquid collagen product into it to help with my joints and skin.

Here’s where you can get $10 off the powder for the shake.

Learn more about what I do here.

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