What you focus on is what you get

Mystic has had a great week!

I realized that I haven’t been updating about my newest foster horse.

Mystic came to me after running loose in Tennessee with a band of five other horses.

He had never been handled and was very scared.

Honestly, because I know how effective holistic supplements and the T Touch method are, those were where I started.

When he came here, it took an hour for me to get where I could touch him.

Then it took another couple hours to get a lead rope on the halter that he came with from the people who transported him to me.

It’s a good thing that my health and energy are much better…

I don’t think I could have kept up with him otherwise.

You can’t really explain to them what’s happening and why you’re there.

I don’t blame the little guy for being so scared.

He was around six months old, and found himself with just me and Moose.

We’ve been working on stronger communication in the round pen.

He has become very responsive to lunging and is quick to join up with me when the session is over.

He stands still for a nice brushing, I’m working on getting him to stand when I brush his back legs and belly.

If you have never trained a 6 month old horse before, there are lots of things they need to get used to.

These guys do turn into very large animals when they are older.

Oh! And I have been doing some walking patterns when walking him in the halter.

He has such good manners and really just wants someone to love him.

Love this little guy💖

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  1. He really is beautiful. Glad he found a home if albeit temporary with you. You know to go slow and to let him find his way while learning trust and rules. Thanks for the update.


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