Your exercise doesn’t have to be fancy

So many people get wrapped up in wanting to go to the gym so they can work out.

I feel that we forget there are easy…and even less expensive ways to get some exercise.

In college I was pretty active, but there was just something so attractive about getting some friends together to go hang out at the gym.

We would pair up and go pick the equipment that we wanted to use, and chat away the time.

After college I was so wrapped up in farm work and unloading dog food for a pet store that I worked for…going to the gym wasn’t really necessary for several reasons.

The lifestyle that I have today tends to still be pretty active, but I have some home workout routines that I love.

I have become a huge fan of yoga, the stair stepper, and when the weather is bad I have a treadmill.

With the horses and dogs though, I tend to get plenty of cardio and some weightlifting right in my own backyard.

When my dog Sarah was younger we used to go for a 3-5 mile run everyday.

After she hurt her leg, and then I became sick, this just wasn’t possible any more though.

One of the things that I have always been fond of is walking/hiking.

Even when I’m not really feeling super energetic, just getting out in the fresh air to walk with the dogs is such an easy way to recharge.

We drive about five minutes up the road to a small church parking lot, park the car and then we are on our way for an hour adventure.

Walking in general is great for your heart, lungs, bones, joints and even your mind.

Prevention magazine sent me a free issue, and one of the articles in it was about the benefits of walking for weight loss.

In the article they tell you that walking as little as 30 minutes a day can help you with weight loss and tone your abs and legs.

There are even things that you can do to help your body get more from your walk including mixing in faster walking spurts to increase your heart rate.

So if you are working towards your summer goals for the bikini that you want to wear, start getting in your steps everyday.

Remember that meeting your health goals takes time, but just think of how you will feel when you achieve them!


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Until next time!

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