Having someone taking a health journey with you is more fun than going alone

Omg you guys…

So both my husband and I were struggling with health problems last year.

My struggle was with an auto-immune disease, his was with his weight and heart.

We tried seven different doctors and specialists, three different hospitals and none were able to give me long term relief.

After going out of state to find holistic specialists and people who specialized in herbal remedies, I was finally able to start healing.

After I started to heal, it was time to heal Joe next. He started taking some of the same products that were helping me.

Once we realized how much these products were changing our lives, we decided to share our story with others.

Our healthy journey has been getting better and better.

This has helped both my husband Joseph and I in so many ways.

I was out riding my horse yesterday working on some transitions between cantering and trotting. He was on target and moving so freely in the front. My strength and balance in the saddle are slowly getting back to where I was before I became sick.

When Joe got home I rode moose to the fence to see him. He was talking with his dad yesterday about how he’s doing, and I heard him talking about how much better he feels because his blood pressure is going down more to normal levels.

This past weekend he even spent a few hours outside mowing and cleaning up the yard.

Then today I sent him a text because almost all the swelling in my throat is gone and I am coughing up some gross stuff.

Everyday seems to get better and better.

Just like everything else, there are setbacks once in a while but our journey together has been nothing but amazing.

The top are my results and the bottom are Joe’s results. Whether you are a man or woman, we can help you.

If you are struggling with your weight loss or joint pain I would love to talk with you and see how I can help. [email protected].

You can shop the products here. 


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