Here’s to your horses health!

You hear about how much collagen can help you with

  • Your hair
  • Your skin
  • Your nails
  • Your joints
  • Your eyes
  • Your gut


Did you know that collagen can help your horse as well?

If your horse is older, very active, needs joint or muscle support, has hair that is coarse…

Collagen can help them as well!

A breakthrough so advanced, Modere Collage Sciences Equine Blend is a clinically substantiated nutraceutical for horses of all breeds, including top racehorses.

• Debuted in 8 of the top Breeders’ Cup horses
• Veterinarian-approved and endorsed
• Used by top trainers
• Manufactured in a cGMP, NSF, NPA certified facility
• Made in the USA
• Great-tasting natural rosemary flavours

You can get it for your horse here!


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