Waterproof a rainy day

I am not someone who likes to be indoors. As long as there is sunlight, I am outside riding the horses, cleaning the barn, hiking with the dogs, or even just enjoying the fresh air with the kittens. That being said, I am also always cold. I am that person who does not like to use the air conditioner, and does not understand why everyone complains they are sweating in the summer heat; to me, the warmer the better.

Today is one of those cold, wet, rainy, dreary days. The horses didn’t even want to leave their warm, fluffy stalls this morning. I certainly don’t blame them. I love listening to the rain when I go to sleep, but I do not like when it rains during the day. I feel like it forces me to slow down, and prevents me from doing everything I need to be doing. These days also seem to take away my motivation though. I have a list of things that I need to do this morning, but I just can’t seem to get myself together to do them.

moose and javert

I know there are some people who just love days like this though. They find comfort in sleeping late into the afternoon, and  being confined to their couch so they can watch an entire season of their favorite show. The rain is a reason for them to not have to adult for a day, and instead it is a day of rest without guilt.

I definitely do have some things that bring a little sparkle into these dreary days. Candles are always something that brighten the day for me. I’ll usually pick one that is warm and comforting, with cinnamon or a vanilla. There is something about a desert that just seems to make you whole, whether you are eating it or just smelling it. Once in a while I will feel like baking on a rainy day, but the winter months are when I really like to bake. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner are a must, because I know I still have a barn to clean and horses that want love. My barn is definitely the cleanest when it rains. Listening to the rain come down on the metal roof while I am organizing the tack room, or filling the stalls with fluffy shavings is very relaxing. The smell of the leather and hay mixed together. The sound of the horses munching away contently. It doesn’t get much better than that!

How do you waterproof your rainy day? Do you push through and still take the day on? Do you find you favorite place to hangout and spend the day there? Maybe you have specific clothes you refer to wear, or books you love to read? If it’s raining where you are too, I hope you still find ways to enjoy your day! Don’t forget to subscribe to my emails for the latest tips, trends and stories.

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  1. Having animals that need caring for, dogs walked, horses fed etc are the perfect reason for getting outside and enjoying the air. Life is too short for guilt.


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