A dogs favorite lip gloss

Anyone who has pets, has probably run into the problem of their pet eating makeup and other products. Dogs and cats can turn anything into a play toy. Personally, I love lip gloss. It gives you a light color and is very moisturizing. My fox terrier mix, Dinozzo, loves the smell and taste. When I wear it, every chance he gets, Dinozzo will be in my face trying to smell and lick it. It’s a chore to even sit on the couch when he realizes I am wearing lip gloss.

While visiting my parents in New York, they also have three dogs of their own. One is a Yorkie mix, one is a Pit Bull mix, and the other is a Labradoodle. The Labradoodle, Cooper, looks like a large cotton ball. He has the floppiest ears and a large tongue, which is always hanging out of his mouth. Well, don’t you know Cooper loves lip gloss too! It was love at first sniff. As soon as he smelled lip gloss, his large squishy face was in mine. All he wanted to do was sniff and lick. His tail whipped and waved in every direction, he tried to climb on top of me, and he tried his best to get the yummy treat his nose had found. Apparently, I am not the only one who is a fan of my lip gloss!

What are some products your pets love to sniff, play with or even eat? Like my post and subscribe to my blog for more stories, as well as makeup tips and trends. Have a great day!

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